Brief about yo Roommate

Yo roommate is an online web app that gives an open online social platform to all scholars at given levels. It was founded by Okiror brian in 2017 with an aim of getting all scholars more especially at university, institution levels together. His idea was to get all campassers have the best of their campass life.

Site Map

Yo roommate MobileThis is yo roommates's first mobile version. It was the first to be developed and published on the internet in October 2017. It came up with an android version published on google play Sign Up Yo Mobile
yo roommate Beta Yo roommate beta is the better version of yo roommate mobile. it was published in January 2018. The publication of this version didnot erase out the mobile version. This version solves the bugs and complexity found in the mobile version Visit Yo Beta
Yo roommate DesktopThis is the desktop version of yo roommate. It provides a wider view of the app with simplified user interface, many features and accessible via all popular web browsers. It was published a month after the mobile version in October Visit Desktop
PoliciesThis page has the policies and community standards for yo roommate app. it clearly defines the relationship between yo roommate and the public Visit Policies
Share portal The Share portal was added to yo roommate app to enable users share their activities and profiles on other social media platforms such as facebook, whatsapp etc. Users get a well defined page to show case their activies Visit policies
Support center Support center is the portal for yo roommate where help is gotten. Having any problem, grievances or queries over our services, from that support center, you will get helped Visit support
Community Standards Find out how yo roommate relates with the community. get to know what is acceptable to us and what we do not accept Visit support
Contact Us
Support Email
Okiror Brian
+256 705106278
Marketing Dept
Mr Tumusiime Ashiraff
+256 705098174